Dear Colleagues,



The International Danube Symposium is delighted and honoured to welcome you in Szeged.

The purpose of the 44th Danube Neurology Symposium is to provide a meeting-point for discussions of the most relevant aspects, problems and recent achievements of clinical neurology.

The Organizers have made great efforts to prepare an interesting program, discussing the diagnostics and pathomechanisms of neurological diseases, and outline the modes of treatment and therapeutic strategies based on their latest research.

As you may see, this is a very tight programme, but we hope that the heavy science can be compensated by enjoyable and relaxing social programmes. It is believed that the participation in this challenging professional and social event in our friendly city of sunshine will be fruitful for all participants interested in various fields of neurology!

We look forward to meeting you in Szeged, Hungary.




László Vécsei

General Secretary of the

International Danube Symposium


Franz Gerstenbrand

Honorary President of the

International Danube Symposium